Beginning on Monday, April 27 at 10 am, the Kewaskum Public Library is happy to offer Library To-Go; contactless curbside pickup of materials. The hours of this are:

Mondays 10 am – 2 pm

Tuesdays 10 am – 2 pm

Thursdays 10 am – 2 pm

Fridays 10 am – 1 pm

This service will not be available on Wednesdays or weekends and is subject to change.

Only Kewaskum Public Library owned materials will be available for Library to-go.

  • Search our online catalog or use the Monarch2Go app and limit your search to items owned by Kewaskum Public Library. Place your requests.
  • You may also call the library at (262) 626-4312 beginning at 9 am on April 27 or email us at to place requests. You will be limited to five (5) requests per phone call or email. You may only place requests on items available in our library.
  • When you receive a notification that your holds are ready to be picked up, call us to schedule a time to pick up your items. They will be checked out to you, bagged, and placed on a cart near the outside book drops. Your bag will be marked with the first three letters of your last name. Pick up time slots are available during the hours listed above. Only one person per 10-minute pick-up time is allowed. Family items can be bagged together.
  • All items checked out will have due dates of June 1 or later that will be extended as needed. Items you already have checked out are not due until June 1 and will not accrue any fines. We prefer you keep your items at home until we reopen, but you may return them in the outside book drops. Do not place returned materials on the pick-up cart. Items returned in the book drops will be quarantined for at least 72 hours before being checked in.
  • This service may be discontinued at any time and we may not offer it during inclement weather.
  • The library will remain closed for all in-person services until further notice. You must adhere to six feet distancing when picking up or dropping off material.
  • We appreciate your patience while we roll out this new service to you.